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Cheryl Ringel

Cheryl Ringel


MA Sign Language Interpretation - Gallaudet University 2002

MS Criminology - Southern Illinois University at Carbondale 1993

BA Theatre Arts & Psychology - University of Wisconsin Stevens Point 1990


Contact Info:
Email: SignLanguageInterpreting@gmail.com
Phone: 202-468-4005 sms; voice

About Cheryl:
Hello! My educational background makes me comfortable in advanced educational settings and with many of the social sciences. I have worked a number of years in the DC metro area and am versed in government-ese and comfortable in those settings.

I am an open minded individual and have a history of interpreting in international settings -- whether this means an actual overseas environment (e.g., Turkey, Pakistan, Germany); or interpreting at events held by groups that find themselves in the minority (e.g., Deaf Muslims, Women's groups, Transgender groups). I am comfortable in most situations, and believe that one of my strongest assets is the ability to interface personably and professionally with everyone involved in the interpreted situation. I look forward to working with you!