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Jayne Tubergen

Jayne Tubergen

Illinois State University, 1988(B.S.Ed.)

Contact Info:
Email: jayne_tubergen@yahoo.com
Phone: 703-201-0950
Web: www.jaynesinterpreting.com

About Jayne:
I started my interpreting career at the age of 9 in Chicago, Illinois. While obtaining my B.S.Ed in Deaf Education, I supported myself by interpreting for fellow students in the University environment. Fresh from Illinois State University in 1988, I was offered a teaching position at the Model Secondary School for the Deaf in Washington, DC. After one year of teaching, I realized my interests and skills were better suited to the interpreting field. I have been interpreting full-time since 1989 in the DC area. I earned interpreting certification in the year 1990 which I maintained until 2007. Since the certification process has changed, I am currently a candidate for the new certification process. Due to my years of life and interpreting experiences, I am uniquely qualified to interpret for, coordinate for, or advise you regarding your interpreting needs.

Conferences: Local, State, Regional, National, and International; Linguistics, Sports, and Community Interpreting Technical/Scientific: NASA, Brain Imaging, Computer Software and Hardware
Medical: Emergencies, Surgeries, Follow-up, Cardiac, Pulmonary
Legal: Trials, Depositions, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management
Performance: Plays(Drama, Comedy, Musicals), Concerts, Children's Events and Poetry
National Advocacy: Disability, Women's, and Political Issues
Public Sector: Municipalities, State, and Federal Business: Private Sector, Non-Profit Agencies
Educational: K-12, Undergraduate, Graduate, and Continuing
Abroad: Escort, 1:1, Conference(interpreting and coordinating), and Tours; Linguistics, Sports, and Community Interpreting