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Michelle Parnes

Michelle Parnes

Degree in Sign Language Interpreter from Gallaudet University, Class of 1988



Contact Info:
Email: mcparnes@aol.com
Phone: 202.607.9633
Web: www.MCParnesInterpreting.com

About Michelle:
I have been working as a Sign Language Interpreter for 23 years. I specialize in the following settings:

■ Conference - platform/stage
■ Government - meetings, training, seminars
■ Performing Arts - concerts, plays, children shows
■ Medical - doctor's appointments, in/out patient services
■ Technology - training, meetings
■ Community Events - Townhall meetings, Homeowner Association meetings, County Fairs
■ Religious - weddings, blessings and baptisms
■ Educational - primary, secondary and collegiate levels, PTA meetings, graduations, plays, concerts
■ Business - seminars, workshops, retreats and other meetings
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